Bahati Rail Sp. z o.o.
ul. Radomska 6 - 81-500 Gdynia - woj. pomorskie

    Bahati Rail means railway. Our main priority is to improve the Polish railway industry.

    Bahati Rail means ecology. In all phases of our projects we concentrate on sustainability and environmentally friendly development.

    Bahati Rail means business. We cooperate with both domestic and foreign companies to boost the railway business.

    Bahati Rail means efficiency. Our objective is efficiency in areas of project management, technical know-how and finance.

    Modernization and revitalization of railways reduces emissions of railway noise, but the idea of a modern railway should refer not only to railway infrastructure, modern information and control systems, but also to investments around the railway, including environmental protection. Relying only on old fashioned solutions is leading to stagnation of technological solutions. The development of technical thinking, including thinking about how to protect the environment, is always based on a long-term reduction of operating costs. In the case of low height acoustic barriers, in addition to the effect of lower costs, one can achieve an unspecified gain in the form of preserved landscape. According to the latest (March 2016) Report of the International Union of Railways UIC, reduction of railway noise is the subject of individual studies in several member states, especially those in which high technical culture dominates. Polish national railway network should urgently strive to develop new technologies of multidirectional protection against noise, due to the anticipated intensive investment program.
    A modern system of protection against noise must take into account the complete acoustic system, or activities relating to the individual component subsystems: infrastructure and rolling stock. The result of the research should always be a complete solution, including many ways to reduce noise.

    And We do it.